We, at G.D Goenka Public School, have a mission to create individuals who are confident about their potential and are sensitive to their environment, and above all, are the co-creators of their own destiny. Our aim is to help a child realize his/her inner strength and give him a conducive environment to grow and evolve as a good social being and a global citizen.

“Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and departing leave behind foot prints, on the sands of time.”

Following this phrase, we strive to imbue in our students the determination and abilities to discover the treasure within, explore their latent talents and develop their skills to bring out the desired goals and stand out in the challenging world. We practice to fabricate these areas amongst students:

  • Leverage Inbuilt Ability & Potential
  • Nurture And Strengthen Multiple Intelligence
  • Instil Qualities of Leadership, Teamwork & Sensitivity
  • Persevere for Academic Excellence
  • Inculcate Passion for Sporting Prowess & Creative Expression
  • Foster Values of Service, Integrity, Social Responsibility & Self Discipline